Bettermile DataGateway (DGW) is the central data ingestion hub for the Bettermile product suite. Data is being validated, enriched, ingested and forwarded to other services like Better Route, Better Tracking or Bettermile Backoffice.

Organizations that want to integrate with Better Route and/or Better Tracking need to develop a "tenant connector" component, that gathers all relevant information from the tenant's system landscape and sends it to the Bettermile system:


In "Connector Design", the whole process of data transmission from tenant to Bettermile is explained at high level.

Better Route accepts input files to import address data (also referred to as "master data"), assignments (data assigned to users, vehicles, etc.) and status updates (changes in the status, e.g. a parcel was delivered to the customer).

In "Upload to AWS S3" you can find the technical details of the file upload process.

In Data & Delivery Format, the details of these import files are explained, as they must be in a specified JSON format.