Better Route API

Couriers and express parcel experts require a state-of-the-art route optimization to compete in a disruptive field. Better Route helps them stay ahead of the pack, and unexpected changes on the tour, thanks to multi-constraint route optimization and dynamic updates all put together in a powerful stateful tour backend.
The Better Route optimization engine solves the classical travelling salesman problem dynamically - in specific with the objective to minimize time spent on the route. The tour set up and ETAs will furthermore take into consideration limitations such as timeframes or customizable delivery zones on jobs - and this not only once a day, but as many times as needed for driver and consignee.
The Better Route API is designed to answer quite a diverse variation of last-mile complexities - next to 150+ stops per tour it factors in basic (e.g. avoiding left turns) and advance (e.g. delivery windows) obstacles to generate the very best sequence from/to any point within the tour. In interaction with delivery (or pickup) updates this makes a full stateful tour backend, that additionally allows frequent updates on ETAs.
The Better Route API accelerates tours right from the start in sorting and loading. In the warehouse, drivers can simply scan parcels to get sorting and loading tips that translate to maximum delivery efficiency along every route.

We - as Bettermile - use our stateful tour backend too for our Bettermile driver app, giving us not only very useful insights on driver's, but also being able to cater to developer needs. As data ingestion hub underneath, we make use of the Bettermile DataGateway, allowing a streamlined data, but also custom adjustments towards tenant's operational needs.
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